Holi Festival

Festivals like Holi come to lit up the spirit in our monotonous life. It is the festival of hope unity and love. It is one of the most celebrated festival in Hindu religion. Almost all parts of our country celebrate Holi, but in different names; Dol yatra, Dol purnima to name a few.
The evening before Holi, it is customary to make a bon fire in the courtyard. This event is famous by the name “Holika Dahan”. This burning fire marks the death of the evil energy and empowers us with positive energy.

Holi is the festival of colour. The inseparable concept with this festival is the colorful powder (Abeer) which is applied on each other’s face and body parts to show the affection love and respect. Such gestures help forget the enmity with each other and strengthen social bonding.
From religious aspect, in Holi, joint offering is made to Radha-Krishna with a tribute to their eternal love.

According to hindu mythology Lord Krishna used to play with Radha and other gopis using colourful abeers. Therefore at some places, Holi starts by offering abeer to Lord Krishna and Radha putting the idols on a swing.

At modern times, use of harmful chemicals in abeer, is bringing out unfortunate outcomes, killing the very essence of the festival. Herbal abeer can be a good and suitable substitute in order to sustain the never dying spirit of Holi.

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