Cow urine & Cow dung – Myth vs Reality

Writer – Deepti Mukherjee Mishra ( Classical Singer/Teacher, Delhi)

How important and contextual, is the cow urine and cow dung in today’s life? Is it only for religious reasons that they have been used for years? Or is there really any magic or logic hidden with this tradition?

With little research, it can be found that the practice of drinking cow urine did not start first in India, but in Romania. In Romania, usage of cow urine for dental cleaning was a common practice. One day someone accidentally drank some cow urine while cleaning his teeth. The next day, he noticed that all his illness had recovered and he was completely healthy. Since then, the practice of drinking cow urine got introduced in Romania to cure diseases.

In the Bhagwat Purana, the translation of Swami Prabhupada talks about Pancha Gavya. Pancha Gavya means the five ingredients that are found in cows i.e., milk, yogurt, ghee, cow dung and urine. They were all used in the sacraments according to Vedic rules and are still being used today.

Among them, cow urine and cow dung were also used as medicinal products. The medicinal uses of the Pancha Gavya are mentioned in the Ayurveda Scriptures. In the Sushruta Samhita (medical treatise), cow urine is considered to be the most effective of all the items obtained from cows. However, it is important to remember that not all cow’s urine are effective. It is said that drinking of young virgin cow‘s urine is best and pregnant cow urine is most nutritious. It has also been reported that cow urine can cure about 40 different ailments and other problems. In addition to improve immune system, very good bio-pesticides can be made by mixing Neem leaf (Azadirachta indica) and cow urine. Cow urine enhances the anti-microbial ability of conventional cleaning solutions. Therefore, from ancient times till today, there is widespread use of cow dung and cow urine for cleaning the floor. No wonder the shampoo is currently being manufactured by cow dung and urine.
Thus, it is easy to understand that cow urine and cow dung are extremely useful and are a proven fact.

So it cannot be said that the use of cow dung and urine started in accordance with religious rituals; rather it can be said, that keeping the important benefits of these items in mind, they were considered as important ingredients of all religious rituals.

In fact, the so-called legal system in those days was nothing but religious disciplines and it was considered to be good to follow those religious orders. In this way, the practice of religious rituals was tried for the benefit of everyone, to cure diseases with the help of cow urine, etc. It has been scientifically proven that cow dung and cow urine are an important medicinal ingredient in real cure of diseases.

But are cow dung and cow urine similarly beneficial in today’s date? The answer to this question is straight “No”. The reason behind can be understood using our simple knowledge.

The times in which these customs were adhered to, were the days of a clean environment, completely pollution-free and without any aerobic disinfection. So naturally the food of those cows and other animals was completely pure and other products were completely sterile. But how pure would it be today, where cows are being fed processed foods and artificially processed products full of chemicals instead of grass? Artificial insemination is being sought to help meet the needs of more milk. As a result, cows are getting pregnant in artificial ways.

So how pure can the cow dung and urine be? As per BBC News reports, bottles of processed urine can be found in certain special places in London. But how pure would these artificially processed urines be?

Therefore, even though the use of cow urine for religious rituals can be recognized, but the desire to cure the disease by drinking it straight away in today’s date, is a bit insane and ridiculous.

So wake your mind up and follow the instructions to cure the real disease instead of running behind and following religious disciplines blindly

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