Akshay Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya is the third date of the lunar month of Baishakh. The word akshay (indestructible) means that which is not eroded. According to the Vedic belief, any good deed done on this holy date is eternally immortal.
If good deeds are done then our gain is inexhaustible virtue and if bad deeds are done then gain is inexhaustible sin. So every work should be done very carefully on this day.

You have to take care that even if you forget this day, it will not become a bad deed.

• Never let harsh words come out of your mouth.

• Do not hurt or hurt anyone for any reason.

• So it is important to be as silent as possible on this day.

• On this day, worship, chanting, meditation, giving, giving joy to the minds of others should be done.

• Since all the work of this day is immortal, every step has to be taken carefully.

Importance of Akshay Tritiya

• On this day Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu, was born on earth.

• On this day King Bhagirathi brought Ganga Devi to earth.

• On the same day, Ganapati Ganesha started composing the Mahabharata after hearing the words of Bedavas.

• On this day Goddess Annapurna appeared.

• On this day Satya Yuga ends and Treta Yuga begins.

• On the same day, being satisfied with Kubera’s austerities, Mahadev bestowed on him incomparable wealth. Vaibhav-Lakshmi is worshiped on this day as Kubera got Lakshmi on this day.

• On the same day Sudama went to Dwarka and met Lord Krishna and with a little chalvaja from him, Lord Krishna removed all his sorrows.

• On the same day, the misrule went to take away Draupadi’s clothes and Krishna saved his friend Draupadi.

• From this day onwards, the construction of chariots on the occasion of Jagannath’s chariot procession at Puridham began.

• The temple of Kedar Badri Gangotri Yamuntri, which has been closed for six months, was inaugurated on this day. As soon as the door is opened, you can see the Akshaydeep which was lit six months ago.

• On this day Satya Yuga ends and Treta Yuga begins.

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