About Us

VipraBharat.com is a unique initiative related to Indian rituals started by three industry veterans after taking a conscious decision of quitting top positions in industry and decided to build a portal to promote the glory of Indian culture and ritual.

Vipra means devout, well-educated, scholarly person. Every human being is a Vipra in his/her own field. VipraBharat pledges combining, aggregating most of the vipras pan India under one umbrella. We chose a name as VIPRABHARAT that reflect a much bigger dream. As the name signifies, we believe VipraBharat is not just a web portal, or a company or organization, it’s an idea, it’s an innovation, it’s a revolution, it’s a transformation. It’s going to revolutionize the way we look at the Indian rituals and way it’s functioning currently.

There are 600+ districts counting more than 50 lakh professionals in India. Every day on average 1 to 2 crore Pujas are performed. VipraBharat aims to aggregate and streamline all. We started couple of months back and we already have a coverage of 300+ cities, 7000+ enrollment, 350+ ritual services and a large number of satisfied customers. Within a year, we plan to cover all the major districts.

It's a huge challenge to collect data, curate, verify, since, it’s unlike road side fixed visible entity data i.e. shops, businesses, buildings etc. We are determined to take this challenge and give it a shape of success.

We plan to leverage over 70+ years of cumulative experience on Data Collection, Sourcing, Data Mining, Big Data, Data Analytics, AI, ML and Directory Portal, Yellow Pages, along with the practical knowledge and respect for Indian rituals with support and guidance of renowned knowledgeable Pandits, Astrologers and Industry Experts, to make VipraBharat a success. With founders as industry veterans worked or executed projects for large companies including Tata, IBM, Google, Amazon, BNY etc, we will have VipraBharat reaching final goal very soon.

This portal will benefit all the professionals, service providers related to the Indian rituals. It also will offer users to search, view details, compare, rate, book service.