This Site provides information for Puja performed by specially Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains etc.

Puja, Homa, Yagya, Sanskar, Japa, Mantra, Bhajan

Puja is a sacred practice for Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains people on different occasions to worship, pray or show respect to their Gods & Goddesses.Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain people belief that Puja makes a spiritual connection between the God and Devotees. Different types of pujas performed for Various occations and those are like Satya Narayan Puja, Ganesh Puja, Laxmi Puja, Vaibhav Laxmi Puja, Durga Puja, Kaali Puja, Sashthi Puja, Vishwakarma Puja, Home opening, House Warming, Griha Pravesh, Gruha Pravesh, Griha Shanti, Office Opening, Vastu Shanti, Navagraha Shanti,Janam Asouch, Naam karan, First meal ceremony, Annaprashan, Jawal, Mundan, First Hair Cutting, Mundan, Chudakaran, Threading Ceremony, Upanayan, Janaau, Engagement, Marriage, Saadi, Vivah, Last Rituals, Shradh, Bhajan, Kirtan, Navagraha Havan, Sudarshan Havan, Hawan etc. The Idol Worship, which is Murti Puja, i.e God’s worship. The idols with stones or metals or Muds or Clays or painted etc are the symbol of Devotee’s faith creation as if like direct communications with God.

Various types of pujas performed:

Satyanarayan Puja: Though this Puja can be performed on any day but most auspicious days are considered are Purnima, i.e Full Moon day or Sakranti day. This Puja can be performed either in the day or evening as per suitability.

Lakshmi Puja: Goddess Laxmi is considered related to prosperity with money or financial improvement of the family or businesses. This Puja is performed to make the Goddes happy for the betterment of the family’s prosperity.

Ganesh Puja: Before worshiping any other God or Goddes, Ganesh puja must be performed. Lord Ganesha exists in the belief, trust, and faith in every Hindu’s mind. Before starting any new work, business, job etc to get positive vibrations in the house, working places, this puja is performed.

Durga Puja: Started by lord Rama as described by Ramayana. In the last day of the Puja, Evil Ravana is brunt for get rid of evil and Mother Durga saves everyone from any types of suffering.

Kali Puja: The Goddes Kali, the wife of Lord Mahadev, is the representative of Women Power. People also perfrom this puja to diminish ego, negative energies that hinder spiritual progress and material prosperity

Saraswati Puja: Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge, Siksha, Vidya, Intellect, higher studies, better memory etc. This Puja is performed to gain knowledge. This Goddess represents the Whiteness, Purity, honesty, faith etc.

Shiva Puja: It is performed to improve health, to improve the peace of mind, to improve positivity etc.

Hanuman Puja: For Strength, wisdom and knowledge, this puja is performed. Lord Hanuman or the monkey God cures all illness and gives courage to fight the illness. It provides peace of mind to all.

Surya Puja: Surya or the Lord Surya, the Sun, is Worship by Hindus for power.

Chandra Puja: This Puja is for Lord Chandra, which is considered as the Moon God.

Guru or Brihaspati Puja: It is performed for to planet Jupiter. Suggested for those who are having wrong position of Grah Jupitar. Lot of pujas are related to Guru or Brihaspati.

Budha Puja: Budha Puja, which is known as Mercury Puja is dedicated to planet Mercury. It is performed generally on wednesdays with belief that it takes out difficulties, keep healthy, make the agricultural land fertile etc.

Mangal Puja: Mangal Puja for Grah Mars helps to liberate one from debts, poverty and skin problems.

Shukra Puja: Planet Venus i.e Grah Shukra is been worshiped

Ketu Puja: Ketu or as it says Dragon's Tail, is the Puja, which is dedicated to planet Ketu.

As per Horoscope, Ketu Puja is recommended to correct the position of of Graha Ketu.

Rahu Puja: - Rahu, which is also known as Dragon's Head , is referred for Grah Rahu. Rahu Puja is recommended for wrongly position of Rahu.

Shani Puja: Planet Saturn is an active Grah and to have Mental Peace and recover various diseases, Shani puja is performed.

Tulsi Puja: Every day, almost in every Hindu house, people performed the Tulsi Puja which is dedicated to a sacred tree, named Tulsi.

Shiva Shakti Puja: It helps to improve harmony of marriage and also helps to integrate material and spiritual progress.

Subramanian Puja: This Puja is performed hoping to get Strength, Power, Courage, Vital energy or do better in Yoga, Judo, Martial arts, Leading team etc.

Navgrah Shanti Puja: As per Horoscope, the nine Planets, more known as Navagraha control Karma & Desires. This is also related to Dasha of the lives, which is controlled by the NavaGraha. This puja is performed to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies.

Bhagavati Seva Puja: It is performed for for spiritual benefits, to protect from miseries with fulfilment of wishes.

As per veda, some more Pujas are also performed related to various practical life related problems. For example, Love life, Loan relief, Debt relief, Loss in Business, secret property, visiting to foreign country, marriage setting etc.

Ganapathy Homa : Before starting any new work, business, job etc to get better vibrations in the house, working places etc , this homa is performed.

Maha Mrityunjaya Homa : It is performed for a long and healthy life and to get rid of prolonged sickness.

Maha Sudharshan Homa: It is performed to get peace and happiness and to get rid of evil forces.

Swayamvara Homa: Hoping to get married and to get a good Groom or Bride, this Homa is performed.

Tila Homa : To get the blessings, from departed souls, it is performed after death

Jatak Karma Sanskar: To get the blessing through out the life of a Child and also parents, this is performed.

Mundan Sanskar: It consists of hair cutting ceremony for the first time for new born baby to cut off native Karmas from past life and improve life in this current incarnation.

Upanayan Sanskar: It is known as Sacred Thread Ceremony. From nine years, hindu boys wears thread and eligible for performing Puja.

Maha Mritunjaya Japa: An ancient Sanskrit Japa. Maha Mrityunjaya Japa is a verse of Yajurveda. If somebody able to concentrate three eyes together as per hinu rituals, and chant maha Mritunjaya Japa as per Yajurveda,one can uplift its soul to make it to purest form

Bhajan: Chanting of Gods name in the form of Lyrics and song expressing love for the religious Divine.